Screening pilot in Italy

In the Italian context, the Elder Abuse Suspicion Index (EASI) was piloted in the period April-November 2022
with 35 cognitively competent older adults.

The screening was carried out in facilities managed mainly by CADIAI Cooperativa Sociale and ASP Parma.
These are care homes for the elderly and day centres for the elderly. The screening tool was administered
by psychologists working within the facilities.

Of the total number of respondents, 68.6 % are women, 31.4 % are men. 60% are over 85 years old, 28.6%
are 75-84 years old and 11.4% are 65-74 years old. All respondents were screened alone, within a private

The involved elderly stated that they felt important to have been involved in the screening experience and
that they found the experience stimulating, exciting and would like to participate in more opportunities for
discussion and confrontation.

The biggest obstacle encountered by professionals was the presence – in care homes – of a clear majority of
people with dementia and/or in a very serious condition. This greatly reduced the range of action and the
number of people to be interviewed.

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