The SAVE project is implemented by an international partnership: 

PCG Polska is an integral part of Public Consulting Group, a global firm specializing in professional services and project management for institutions and companies operating in the

public sector. Founded in 1986 in Boston, PCG launched its operations in 2009 in Poland. PCG has vast experience within 4 sectors: K-12, higher education, health, and human services. The recipients of PCG services in Poland include over 3,500 schools, 60 universities and numerous Government Agencies and Local Government Units, through their hospitals, long‑term care centers or social policy agencies.

Nearly 200 consultants, sector analysts, trainers, researchers and experts support PCG’s customers, working out of 4 Polish offices (Lodz, Katowice, Warsaw, Rzeszow). The CEO

and the President of the Management Board of PCG in Poland is Professor Łukasz Sułkowski.

PCG Polska’s Health and Human Services team specializes in projects improving the life of the elderly and groups at risk of social exclusion. PCG has proven results in such areas as:

  • standardization of services for the elderly and the disabled,
  • social innovations,
  • supporting local communities at risk of exclusion,
  • silver economy,
  • long-term care, socio-economic benefits of investments in that sector as well as innovative organization solutions (i.e. care farming implementation),
  • innovative social and elderly housing solutions,
  • data-driven decision making,
  • individualized teaching and e-learning interactive solutions to support life-long learning,
  • qualitative and quantitative market analysis, using the full range of research techniques.

PCG has established strong partnerships in Poland and worldwide that make undertaking all complex projects possible.

Osk VoiVa – Empowering Old Age Coop is a national non-governmental organization In Finland focusing on preventing violence and abuse of older people and violence against older women. VoiVa’s  mission is to protect older people from violence and abuse and to support older people and their families to become free from violence. In addition, the mission is to generate positive change in older people’s lives by empowering them to live as active engaged citizens and to secure their human rights. The aim of VoiVa is to make ageism and discrimination visible in the society through awareness raising activities by networking and in partnership with other organizations. The activities carried out by VoiVa focus on adult education and training, professional support for older people and social and health care professionals as well as prevention of gender-based violence. VoiVa’s members have long-standing work experience in the field of violence against women, elder abuse and training and research both at national and EU levels.

Contact person Sirkka Perttu, MSc (Health Care), RN



Anziani e Non Solo (Italy)- is a NGO working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on project management and the realization of services and products in the field of welfare and social inclusion. ANS provides its services all across Italy, operating in partnership with local NGOs. The activities carried out by Anziani e Non Solo mainly concern: active ageing and support to frail and dependent older people; training and support to family carers, informal and formal carers; prevention of gender based violence, elder abuse and discrimination. In the field of elder abuse, ANS provides training and counselling to formal and informal carers and volunteers and has taken part to two action-research proejcts on elder abuse in care relationships.

CADIAI is a social cooperative, founded in Bologna in 1974. It provides social, healthcare, and educational services. Services are supplied in 3 areas: non-self-sufficiency; educational services; prevention and safety at the workplace.

CADIAI manages 10 care homes and 8 day-care centres for elderly people. CADIAI aims at ensuring the best possible quality of life for the elderly, thus promoting well-being through collaborative projects with the Public Administration and creating a positive synergy with families and caregivers to assess the most valued answers to emerging needs.

UMinho’s mission is to create, spread, and put knowledge into practice, with freethinking and pluralism as its core values. Our goals are to promote higher education and contribute to shaping a model of society based on humanistic principles. Knowledge, creativity, and
innovation contribute towards growth, sustainable development, well-being, and solidarity.
We also aim to set up partnerships to foster social and economic development in international, national, and regional contexts.
The University of Minho has twelve schools and institutes, divided between three college
campuses. There are 18600 total students. 12200 first cycle degree and integrated masters
degrees students, 4500 masters students, 1900 Ph.D. students, 1258 teaching staff, 32
research units, 13 centers, and institutes assessed internationally with excellent ratings.
The School of Nursing is a polytechnic education and research unit that assures graduate and post-graduate education, research, and other specialized services within the Nursing scope.
The scientific activity of technological development is conducted on the Health Sciences
Research Unit: Nursing (UICISA: E). This unity is rated as Very Good and integrates researchers and collaborators from 24 Institutions of Higher Education and Health Services.
Through the Research Center (CIPsi), rated as Excellent, the School of Psychology yearly
attracts above 4 million euros funding; publishes about 150 articles in high-impact journals that receive over 2500 citations.

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) was established in 2004 and is one of three state universities in the Republic of Cyprus, located in the city centre of Lemesos (Limassol). In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), the CUT is ranked 301-350 worldwide for the years 2018,2019,2020 and 101-150 in the scientific field “Nursing” among the best Universities in the world included in the list. CUT is constantly committed to promoting research excellence, and is internationally distinguished in this area, providing a total of 40 million Euros of external funding for 227 research programmes. One of the most important operating principles of the Cyprus University of Technology is the social responsibility and the substantial contribution to society, in other words to operate responsibly in areas that are important axes of sustainable development.  In this context, the University develops actions with a positive impact on the wider society through cultivating a social consciousness culture in sectors of social interest such as the environmental, humanitarian activities, sports, and health.