SAVE is an European project funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

Specific objectives of the project are:

– increase knowledge of screening tools and their suitability in identification of violence against older persons in social and health care services

– improve capacity of social and health care professionals to identify and intervene and support and refer the cases of violence against older persons to relevant services

– develop educators’ competences to teach professionals how to deal with violence against older persons and to support and mentor them

– produce an interactive training program for improving active and innovative learning of social and health care teachers, trainers and professionals in identification and intervention in case of violence against older persons.

The target groups of SAVE are:

– social and health care professionals working in home care, residential care facilities, health centres and hospitals

– social and health care teachers and trainers

– local/regional social and health care decision makers in the community


Elder abuse is a widespread phenomenon worldwide. Although exact prevalence rates are not available it is estimated that over 20% of older persons might be victims of  emotional, physical, sexual and financial violence, neglect and violation of personal rights.
In spite of the high prevalence, we know that elder abuse is under-reported: according to the WHO, as many as 80 percent of elder abuse cases may not be diagnosed (WHO 2008). There are many reasons for this, including fear of consequences, not recognizing being a victim but also the fact that social and health care providers are inadequately trained in how to recognize violence and support older victims of domestic violence.  On the other hand, early identification of abuse is important as it may prevent future violence and reduce risk of future health impacts resulting from violence. 
Using screening tools for identification is helpful to support professionals to recognize and assess violence and neglect of older persons, however it is still rare across EU.  
The SAVE project aims to improve the adoption of screening programmes for elder abuse in health and social care settings, by providing training and support to professionals on how to use implement them effectively.