Save project final events: sharing the project results and recommendations for national contexts

As the SAVE project comes to an end, on behalf of the Consortium we would like to invite you to the final dissemination events and discussion forums that will be held in each Partner country:

The above events are designed for social and health care key authorities, local and regional public entities, NGOs, older persons organizations, VET institutions, and service providers.

The events have as their goals to:

· present and promote the project results and get feedback

· share views and experiences regarding the results achieved and their potential for transferability

· gather inputs from participants and obtain their engagement for future actions and activities

The participants will be actively engaged during the events as they will have the opportunity to practically experiment the methodologies developed and they will also have the

opportunity to hear the point of view of some of the professionals who took part to the piloting.

Please refer to the attached Invitations and agendas for registration details respective to the chosen country.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in person!