The screening pilot in Katowice, Poland

Having completed the training at the John Paul II Geriatric Hospital in Katowice (EMC Szpitale) at the beginning of the year, the personnel began the screening interviews.
The Elder Abuse Suspicion Index © (EASI) was piloted in the period from April till July 2022 with 51 cognitively competent older adults by the unit psychologists. From all the screenings conducted, 21 (42%) were filled in using the EASI-self-administered form.

As for the point of screening, 72.2% of the respondents were screened in a day care home and
27.5% in a hospital/emergency room. Τhe largest percentage of participants were women (75.51%). The interviews were conducted in a private setting without the presence of a relative or a caregiver.
26 interviewees belonged to the age group 75-84 years, 21 to the 65-74 age group and 4 to the oldest age group of 85 years or more.

Sometimes the mere consent in writing, providing personal or giving contact details aroused vigilance in patients. However, after explaining the purpose of the study and ensuring confidentiality (which took extra time), patients usually decided to provide answers.

However, most patients had positive feelings about the interview, and they weren’t too reluctant to answer questions. They thought the study was needed, especially since often people who suffer from violence don’t ask for help. For this group, asking about violence may be their only chance of getting help.