Cyprus: training for piloting EASI questionnaire

Seventeen health care professionals working with elderly people – all community nurses – were
engaged in the training for piloting EASI questionnaire, on screening for elder abuse in Cyprus.
The training increased the participant’s awareness regarding elder abuse, on how to use EASI
on daily practice, how to obtain informed consent, on privacy and ethical issues during the
interviews and on how to act in case elder abuse is suspected. The training was based on the
Curriculum which has been developed by all partners in the SAVE project.

Τhe nurses conducted the piloting interviews in April, 2022. The interviews were conducted in
the participant’s residence either with or without the presence of a relative or a caregiver.
Inclusion criteria were: cognitively competent older adults ≥65 years, able to give informed
consent, selected by community nurses during their home visits. A sample of 81 older adults
participated in the piloting. The majority were above 85 years old (48%). According to the EASI,
a percentage of 98.3% of the elderly were dependent on others in their daily activities. The
largest percentage of participants was women (74.1%). One case was referred for further
treatment to social services for suspected abuse based on EASI results.